Old Man Valley Hornsby NSW
2014 - date
7km trail network
Project Value: $1,500,000
Old Man’s Valley (OMV) was first conceived by local riders around 5 years ago 
and has since evolved into one of the most applauded and heavily used MTB
networks in Australia (with 90,000 laps recorded in the first 12 months of
Initially, Synergy played a major part in the advocacy in securing these trails
and have since been involved in:

• The development of the initial master plan (working with IMBA USA and
IMBA Aus.)
• Collaboration with Environmental Consultants (Epacris) and the land
manager in negotiating the sensitive areas and rerouting trails
• Engagement with community members to engage them in assisting in
trail alignment, building and maintenance.
• Trail Construction over three stages.
• Construction of the leading dirt jump park in New South Wales.
• Development and operation of an ongoing maintenance plan. 
Faced with the possibility of the trail network being lost as part of the
NorthConnex staging works, Synergy Trails were pivotal in the retention,
funding and improvement of the trail network.
Featuring challenging rocky climbs which link to timber bridges, cross creeks
and lead to some of the “flowiest” descending trails in the state, the mix of man
made and natural features are characteristic of Synergy Trails work.
Synergy is now collaborating with NSW Government and Hornsby Council
regarding a masterplan to further remediate the area, extending the MTB trail
network and providing a connection between Hornsby and Westleigh MTB
facilities. Funding of $3.5M has been allocated to this exciting new stage of the
evolving facility.

Synergy Trails is Australia’s leading sustainable trail design and building construction company.

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